There have been many people named Sharangdhar in history. Some of them was Philospher, some Artist, some playwright, some Astrologer and some was Ayurvedist.


Sharangdhar who was the son of Damodar was Vaidya.

Acharya Sarangdhar has composed the famous Ayurveda treatise known as ‘Sarangdhar Samhita’ in the style of Shodhal.

The time of this treatise is 13th century AD and this has been proved to be a boon for contemporary Vaidyas as this treatise has practical description of naadi pariksha, ras shastra medicines, different aushadh kalpnas, astavidha pariksha and many more treatment modules.


Since its beginning, this treatise has been very popular among Vaidyas.




  • Naadi pariksha has been mentioned first time by Sharangdhar
  • It gives clear cut definitions of terms like Deepana-Paachan etc.
  • Use of Ahifena, Akarkara, Bhanga as drugs 
  • Description of Doshas, Dhatus and malas and importance given to Vayu.
  • Description of physiology of respiration
  • Descriptive classification of disease has been made
  • Use of poisons as medicines has been described.
  • Ras aushadhis/ Bhasmas have been described.
  • Different therapeutic measures like panchakarma, Shirovasti, Raktamokshan etc. have been described.
  • Many specific drugs combinations have been described as per the diseases.
  • Different types of Vaajikaran and medications have been described.