• Brahm Ayurved Magazine is the only premier magazine of the country focusing over clinical and political aspect of Ayurveda practitioners involving various shortcomings, discrepancies and challenges of healthcare through Ayurveda. This magazine is regularly published on Bi-Monthly basis in Bi-Lingual (Hindi & English) language from the capital of India, Delhi.

  • The distinguished magazine is serving as scientific and researched presentation of Ayurveda, keeping in view to propagate the science of Ayurveda to Ayurvedic doctors and public also.

  • Editorial board of Brahm Ayurved Magazine consists of renowned and Esteem personalities from the field of Ayurveda holding tremendous experience in Ayurveda literature, clinical experience and research work.

  • All articles which are published in our magazine are screened by our editorial board.

Primary functions of the magazine include the following –
1. To inform Ayurvedic practitioner about new research in the field of Ayurveda.
2. To create awareness about Ayurved/Ayurvedic therapies and medicines to general public.
3. To publish research article from leading Ayurvedic practitioner for upliftment of Ayurveda.

Our magazine is registered by Government of India, through Office of the Registrar of Newspapers for India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
Registration No- DELBIL/2013/47790
Link of RNI - http://rni.nic.in/main50.asp
Brahm Ayurveda Magazine is Peer Reviewed Journal.