Know Your Prakriti

1. Body Frame Thin, bony, tall or short Medium balanced Large, broad
2. Weight Low Moderate Heavy
3. Skin Dry,rough cool, dull Soft,oily, warm,ruddy Thick, moist, cold, pale
4. Hair Dark, dry, curly Soft, oily, fair/red Thick, oily,
5. Teeth Protruding, big, uneven Moderate, yellowish Strong, even, white
6. Nails Rough, dry, brittle, bitten Soft, pink,   strong Soft, large, white
7. Eyes Small, dull, dry,nervous Sharp, penetrating Big, thick lashes
8. Appetite Variable, small Good, regular Slow and steady
9. Thirst Variable Excessive Minimal
10. Elimination Dry, hard, constipated Soft, oily, loose Thick, heavy, slow
11. Urine Frequent but sparse Yellow, copious Infrequent, average
12. Sweat Minimal Profuse, pungent in odor Slow to begin, heavy
13. Pulse Weak, erratic Stable, strong Slow, smooth
14. Blood Circulation Variable, poor, sluggish Good Moderate
15. Sleep Light, disturbed, minimal Sound, moderate Heavy, excessive
16. Speech Rapid, high or hoarse voice Sharp, cutting, loud Slow, harmonious
17. Libido Varies,directed in fantasy Passionate, excessive Slow but strong, loyal
18. Immunity Variable, poor Moderate High
19. Activity High, restless, mobile Moderate, directed Minimal, slow
20. Endurance Minimal Moderate Excellent
21. Mind Restless,
Aggressive, clever Calm, slow
22. Memory Short term Sharp, good Long term
23. Routine Dislikes Enjoys planning Adaptable, tolerates
24. Faith Erratic, changeable Fanatical Steady, devoted
25. Opinions/Moods Variable, fluctuate Expresses forcefully Changes slowly
26. Finances Poor, spends rapidly Moderate, buys luxuries Rich, thrifty
27. Hobbies Travel, art, philosophy Sports, politics, luxuries Serene, leisurely types
28. Food Simple, sparse, snacks Requires regular meals Gourmet, luxury, fatty
29. Creativity Original, fertile Technical, scientific Entrepreneurial
30. Sensitivities Cold, wind, dryness Heat, sun, fires Cold, damp, humidity
31. Temperament Nervous, insecure, shy Determined, motivated Conservative, resilient
32. Dreams Frequent, fearful Fiery, violent, vivid Romantic, calm