Piles / Hemorrhoids

Piles / Hemorrhoids

Piles / Hemorrhoids 


Piles, also known as Hemorrhoids are swollen or enlarged blood vessels around the anal opening. These blood vessels are located in the smooth muscles of the lowest area of rectum and anus.

Piles can develop when these soft tissues becomes swollen, generally as a result of straining on the toilet. Sometimes, piles can be painful and bleed if these tissues become damaged.

Piles can be various sizes it can be internal (inside the anus) or external (outside the anus). The internal piles are more common. The size of piles can vary.


Piles or Hemorrhoids are classified into two types:

1. Internal Piles / Hemorrhoids

2. External Piles / Hemorrhoids


Internal Piles / Hemorrhoids:

These piles are within the anal canal lying far enough inside the rectum you can’t feel or see them. They don't usually hurt because there are few pain-sensing nerves fibers in the rectum. Bleeding is the only sign which can indicate that they are there.

Sometime Internal piles might prolapse or enlarged and so come out from anus. Prolapsed piles may hurt because they become irritated by rubbing from sitting and clothing. These enlarged or prolapsed piles usually go back into the rectum on their own. If they don’t go back, they can often be gently pushed back inside. 


Internal hemorrhoids can be classified in four types or grade according to the chronicity and symptoms:

Piles-Hemorrhoids Grade-1: Small swelling is present usually inside the lining of anus. Piles are  not come out from anal canal, bleeding is only symptom.

 Grade-2: Piles come out from anus during defecation or passing stool, but go  back inside on their own.

 Grade-3: Piles come out from anus during defecation or passing stool, but  not return by themselves, they can push back in if patient press with their      fingers.

 Grade- 4: Piles cannot be pushed back, are always prolapsed. Patient can’t  push them back inside the anus and need to be treated. At this stage discomfort is complained and feeling heaviness in the rectum.


External Piles / Hemorrhoids:

These piles are located outside the edge of the anus. External piles are also called perianal hematoma or lumps. They can be itchy and can be painful if thrombosis (blood clot) forms inside, this condition required treatment straight away.


Causes of Piles / Hemorrhoids:

  • Constipation (Kabj)
  • Straining during bowel movements / defecation
  • Prolonged standing or sitting
  • More commonly in elderly people or aging
  • Low fiber diet
  • Pregnancy
  • Hereditary factors
  • Straining to empty your bowels, for example if have constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Irregular food habits like: excessive intake of oily, spicy, junk food, non-veg, alcohol etc.

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Symptoms of Piles / Hemorrhoids:

  • Piles may or may not cause symptoms. If symptoms arise it can include:
  • Anal itching
  • Painful swelling or a lump near the anus
  • Mucus discharge from anus
  • Bleeding – You may see blood on toilet paper or drips on the toilet or coating the stools
  • Prolapse of some mass during defecation or passing stools. The blood sometimes appears as splash in toilet pan and is more in quantity.


Diagnosis of Piles / Hemorrhoids:

The diagnosis of the piles/hemorrhoids can be made by your doctor by performing a physical examination of your back passage. Doctor will likely also insert a lubricated gloved finger (digital examination) and may insert proctoscope (a hollow, lighted tube for viewing the lower few inches of the rectum) into the back passage. 


Treatments for Piles / Hemorrhoids:

Self Help: By making diet and lifestyle changes, you can often relive your symptoms. Read below in details about diet and lifestyle changes.

Medicines: In markets there is a big range of medicines are present in Ayurveda, Homoeopath, Allopath etc. you can use different kinds of medicines in this problem by taking the advice of your doctor, but only grade-1 or initial stage piles can be cured through medicines.

The medicines are helpful to relive the symptoms like: pain, itching, bleeding etc. but at present there is no medicine in this world can cure the piles masses completely, you just get temporary relive in your symptoms.

Surgery: In this procedure extremely uncomfortable pile (such as thrombosed piles) or large internal piles can be remove, this procedure is called haemorrhoidectomy. The success rate of this procedure is very low, piles may reoccur. This procedure is very costly, painful and long-term follow up require.


क्या पाइल्स बिना ऑपरेशन या बिना सर्जरी के ठीक हो सकती है, इस लेख को पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें : https://goo.gl/TRXu98


Non-surgical treatment:

Injection Therapy or sclerotherapy: In this procedure phenol in oil is injected into the tissues at the base of the piles. This causes a scarring (fibrotic) reaction which obliterates the blood vessels going to the piles. This procedure is success only in first degree piles or Grade-1 piles and the reoccurrence rate is very high.

Banding or rubber-band ligation: Now a day this procedure is outdated because of its high failure rate, previously it was treatment of choice in Grade-1 or 2 piles. In this procedure a tiny rubber band around the piles is ligate.

Coagulation or cauterization: Using either an electric probe, a laser beam, or an infrared light, a tiny burn painlessly seals the end of the piles, causing it to close off and shrink. But improvements may not last and patient may have some other complication after this procedure like: Infection in the anal area, Temporary inability to urinate, bleeding from the anus etc. This therapy is expensive also.


पाइल्स / बवासीर से सम्बंधित भ्रामक दावों  उपचार से बचेंइस लेख को पढ़ने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें : https://goo.gl/XLgkNK



This is treatment of choice in Grade-2 to Grade-4 Piles. Kshara Sutra therapy is an Ayurvedic para surgical technique. Kshara Sutra is a medicated thread having the simultaneous effect of cutting and healing, without any complication with high success rate. The kshar sutra is tied at the base of piles leads to strangulation of pile mass. This procedure is done under the local anesthesia or spinal anesthesia (as per the disease condition), It takes 5-15 days to shed-off. This is minimal invasive procedure compare to other procedures. It take 15-20 minutes time to perform Kshar sutra procedure, there is no need of bed rest after the procedure. Patient can continue his/her normal routine work after one/two hours of this procedure.

This procedure is not so much costly; Brahm Ayurved center offers this kshar-sutra treatment at very minimal charges under the supervision of highly experienced team of Kshar Sutra experts.


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Our Experts:

Dr.Naveen Chauhan

(B.A.M.S., C.C.Y.P., P.G.C.R.A.V.) Kshara-sutra surgical specialist for anal disease.

Conduct more than 3000 Kshara Sutra procedure in past 8 years.

Dr.Abhishek Gupta

(B.A.M.S., P.G.C.K.S., C.P.T.) Kshara Sutra, Panchakarma expert and Ayurveda consultant

Dr.Monika Shrestha

{B.A.M.S., M.S. (Ayu.)} Kshara Sutra surgeon

Dr.Hemant Adhikari

(B.A.M.S., P.G.C.K.S.) Kshara Sutra expert, Diet and Ayurveda consultant

Dr.Vaishali Parate

(B.A.M.S., P.G.C.K.S.) Kshara Sutra expert and Ayurveda consultant


Diet and Lifestyle changes:

Reduce your salt intake: Excess salt in the diet causes fluid retention, which means swelling in all veins, including haemorrhoids.

Drink enough fluids: stay well hydrated to keep stools soft so they're easier to pass. Water is the best choice. Drink plenty throughout the day. Butter milk and vegetable soup is also good in this problem.

Take High fiber Diet: Eat plenty of fiber rich foods like: fruit, wholegrain cereal, vegetables, beans, pulses etc. High fiber diet will make stool softer and easier to pass. Papaya, guava, green vegetables, cow ghee, raisins, figs etc. are helpful in this problem. You can Keep 1-2 figs or 10-20 raisins are soaked in water overnight and take it in morning, it helps to make your stool soft.

Avoid Improper diet: Avoid alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, red chilies, oily, spicy, junk food, heavy food like: Paratha, Bhature, Puri, Samosa etc.

Follow good bathroom habits:  Try not to strain when you’re passing a bowel movement. Don't sit on the toilet for more than five minutes at a time. Clean around your anus gently with moist wipes or baby wipes dabbing the area dry. Don't rub or wipe hard.

Take warm baths or Sitz bath: Regular warm baths 2-3 times a day, Soak your hips in a bathtub filled with a few inches of warm water for about 20 minutes at a time. Do it two to three times a day and after every bowel movement. Pat gently afterward to dry.

Keep moving, Take breaks: Try not to sit for 3-4 hours at a time, but if you must, take breaks. Once every hour, get up and move around for at least five minutes. A soft cushion may make sitting more comfortable and ease piles pressure and pain. Regular exercise, like brisk walking 20-30 minutes every day, can help keep you from getting stopped up.

Use Stool softener or laxatives: Think about stool softeners or laxatives. Your doctor may suggest taking something for a short time to make going to the bathroom easier. Don’t take any laxative or stool softener without consulting with your doctor.

Don’t hold your urge: when you feel urge or motion you have to go, do it. Don't wait for a better time or place. If you hold it for long time that can lead to straining and more pressure.

Make yourself comfortable: Insert petroleum jelly just inside the anus to make bowel movements less painful. You can put a small ice pack over the painful area several times a day. It can help ease pain and swelling and give you short-term relief.


Brahm Ayurved adopts a systematic approach in treatment of Piles/Hemorrhoids. We are recommending Ayurveda Medicines, Diet management and Kshara sutra treatment if needed. You can avoid expensive surgery with this cost effective treatment.

This procedure is not so much costly; Brahm Ayurved center offers kshar sutra treatment at very minimal charges under the supervision of highly experienced team of Kshar Sutra experts.

Feel free to call us for expert advice 07861888100.


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