In India large amount of peoples are suffer from alcoholism and drug addiction. Presently so many students are on drugs. Addictive habits to substances like drug, alcohol , smoking , liquors etc. is not only an individual’s problem , but also affects his/her family , surrounding and the society as a whole. The addicted person spends lot of money and time.



In Ayurveda Addiction is explaining as Madatya.

Acharya Charak the Ancient Scholar of Ayurveda explains the consumption of alcohol in Ancient Text book named as Charak Samhita.

The Ayurvedic perspective on alcohol consumption is straight forward: if you have not prepared your body to take a toxin properly, then don’t do it.


The Ayurveda explains the quality of Alcohol is completely opposite to Ojas.

Ojas: which has a direct effect on the Sattva, or purity of the mind. This Ojas maintain the health and immunity of the body – alcohol causes agitation or intoxication.

Alcohol - The Opposite of Ojas

The qualities of alcohol are Light (Laghu), Hot (Ushna), Sharp (Tikshna), Rough (Ruksha), Subtle (suksma), Sour (Amla), Pervading all over the body (Vyavayi), Swift (Aasukari), Expansive (Vikasi) and Drying (Vishad).

All these qualities are the opposite of qualities of Ojas. Ayurveda makes clear that alcohol quickly and easily reaches the heart and has a direct effect on the ten qualities of the body’s most subtle essence, Ojas. Because its qualities are opposite those of the heart, which is the seat of many of the important qualities of the body necessary for life, is afflicted by the excessive intake of alcohol.


Diagnosis of Addiction in Ayurveda:

The diagnosis in Ayurveda comprises of a detailed understanding of a person’s characteristics, habits, sleep patterns, hereditary traits, body type etc. as a first step.

Followed by that will be an understanding of the state of the Tridoshas within an individual – Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. Ayurveda believes that the problems in a human body are caused due to the misbalance among these doshas. Diagnosis may also consist of clinical tests.


Some Therapies in De-Addiction at Brahm Ayurved:

• Purification Therapies

These are also known as Panchakarma therapies which target at uprooting the toxins present in the patient’s body. These are quite potent therapies and are generally done under the supervision of our Ayurvedic expert.

Virechanam is the therapy which comprises of taking a mixture of herbal medicinal plants or there parts. This therapy eliminates the toxic substances from the body via the anal route.

Another popular cleansing therapy used is Vamanam which can be called a therapy for vomiting. This method uses the upper track leading to the mouth, to cleanse the toxins caused due to indigestion of food.

• Rasayana Therapies

These therapies generally follow the Panchakarma treatments which purify the body. This set of procedures further nourishes and strengthen the body after Panchkarma.

For addiction related problems, Rasayana treatments include dietary changes and consuming oral herbal medicines.

• Oral Medication

A range of herbal medicines and combinations are used in the treatment of addictive problems which are meant to be administered orally.

To reduce the dependency or craving of the body for alcoholic drinks, herbal substitutes are used which are prepared with herbal elements.

• Dietary changes

The Ayurvedic type of diet provides the patient with adequate nutrition and plenty of rest to the affected organs, so diet regulation is also helpful in such cases.

Diet rich in proteins and carbohydrates and low in fats is recommended. The patient should eat fiber rich food and plenty of raw vegetables. Intake of coffee and tea etc should be reduced and alcohol should not be touched.


De-addiction TreatmentAnchor:

The general belief is drug addiction or intoxication of any kind is a social as well as psychological problem, which needs a holistic approach of treatment keeping in mind the affected person’s socio economic condition and atmosphere in mind.

Ayurvedic medicine accomplishes healing through harmony and balance with the universe and energies in the body.


Brahm Ayurved adopts a systematic approach in treatment of such cases recommending herbal medicines, exercises, personal counseling, detoxification, residential rehabilitation, dietary changes and meditation as part of that.

The goal is to restore the addict’s doshas to a proper balance so that he or she can live a drug free life.

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