Abdominal Pain (UdarShool)

Abdominal Pain (UdarShool)
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Abdominal pain or stomach ache is a condition that troubles us some point of our life. Children often suffer from this problem while adults are not escaped sometimes. Abdominal pain can be mild, sometimes sharp while sometimes cramps. The causes also vary from a minor gas trouble to a severe condition like appendicitis or a kidney stone. The mild form of abdominal pain can be managed by simple home remedies while if the condition persists for a longer duration we recommend you to consult your physician to rule out more serious causes and to plan proper timely treatment.


Most Common Causes of Abdominal Pain?

Whether it's a mild stomach ache, sharp pain, or stomach cramps, abdominal pain can have numerous causes. Some of the more common causes include:

• Indigestion  • Constipation   • Stomach virus  • Menstrual cramps  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)  • Food poisoning
• Endometriosis • Crohn's disease  • Urinary tract infection  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)   • Appendicitis
• Hernia  • Food allergies  • Gas  • Lactose intolerance  • Ulcers  • Pelvic inflammatory disease  • Gallstones  • Kidney 

 ​If your abdominal pain is severe or recurrent please contact your Doctor or Feel free to call us for expert advice.

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